What To Look For When Buying Strategy Guides

It is to your benefit to find the right version for you to greatly enhance your gaming experience.

If you have ever spent countless hours trying to figure out all the intricacies of a brand new game you’ve just purchased then a proper strategy guide can be your best friend. They have evolved far beyond simple instruction booklets just showing you how to “walkthrough” a game and finish it. Furthermore, they have gone beyond printed books to include online and e-book manuals which can be updated in real time as changes from game developers occur.

The Advantages of Gaming Strategy Guides

One of the main advantages of having a strategy manual is to prevent utter frustration of having to spend countless hours figuring out things that you may or may not have know even existed in the game itself.

Depending on the game it could be anything from the design of the levels and maps, searching for specialty items, unlocking secret achievements or improvement in gameplay modes. By not having one you may have deprived yourself of the full experience of your game by not being aware of secret hidden treasures that the developer only provided to the publishers of the guides.

What To Look For In Strategy Guides

Some things to look for in a proper and effective guide are detailed and colourfully printed maps of each level of the game which also reveal all the placement of special items including hidden or difficult to locate items. If there are special items there should also be a good checklist so that you can keep track of your collection. Specific gameplay info that is not focused on in the regular manual included in the case. Instructions on solving intricate puzzles in each level as you progress through the game.

Cheats, codes, tips and tricks that have been created by the developer specifically for the game which are not revealed to the general public as general information. Simple descriptive walkthroughs and advice and tactics on how to defeat characters in the game or during online multiplayer competitions.

Should It Be Official or Unofficial?

Having an official, unofficial, online or e-book guide does not make a huge difference as long as the information you are receiving is of high quality and up-to-date.

Printed versions provide quick access to information but often publishers will rush to print a guide before the game developer has completed adding or tweaking the game. On the other hand, online guides may be good at updating as changes occur but may require you to log into your computer, open a file or sign into a website before being able to access it.

Do Research on Reviews

When deciding on buying the right video games strategy guide you need to do some simple research on reviews by professional gaming sites and regular gamers on forums alike. There is a multitude of valuable information supplies from other game enthusiasts which span across both worlds of video and PC games strategy guides.

By tapping into their knowledge and experience you will be able to determine the best version and medium of game strategy guides to purchase to both boost and improve your game skills.